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Fabrication Heritage


Detour's  proprietor has been involved in metal fabrication since 1983 with a carrier which started in the US Air Force.

Never leaving the trade it has since included machine, marine, structural, architectural, prototype, as well as design

and  production as a certified welder fabricator For the past 19 years, Detours has been serving the offroad & overland

community with production & custom  components. What can we build for you and your needs?


The KnuckleBone Carrier


A cost effective solution using your vehicles 2" receiver hitch to getting that oversized tire out of your rear cargo area, off your roof or out of your RV. The KnuckleBone is high clearance, approach/departure friendly. It feature an internal anti-rattle/wobble wedge-lock,  2000lb toggle latch retention with a 3/8" backup pin and an adjustable tire mounting head head. 

The KnuckleBone can be built to open 3 different ways in order to access the rear hatch area depending on the vehicles needs.

The KnuckleBone is custom  built to order for virtually any vehicle/hitch combo intended, not generic, made in USA, ships in primer-sealer ready for paint or bare steel ready for powder. Typical lead time - 6 - 10 weeks currently.  Product weight approximately 19lbs.

Base pricing is $325.00 plus shipping (FedEx/USPS)

Depending on application, the following options are typically available -

Cross tube hardmount leaving hitch free for use- $45.00

A hitch can be added in most cases- $45.00

License plate relocation with LED lighting- $35.00


The 4Runner RidgeRunner Swing-Away


-Designed exclusively for 4th/5th Generation 4Runners, yet suitable for many different vehicles. Features a semi  contoured fitting the  rear bumper radius as well as an internal 2" receiver wedge lock/anti wobble, 2000lb toggle retention, adjustable mounting head, hitch, dual shear bronze hinge, and license plate relocation. Ultra high clearance as well as approach/departure friendly and yes, ladder friendly as well. Handles a 35" tire, no problem.

While designed for 4Runners, it can be modified for similar vehicle types for a minimal cost or no additional cost most cases.

Item is built to order, standing inventory is not available. 

Carrier ships primer-sealer ready for paint or bare steel ready for powder, fabrication time varies but one should consider 6 - 10 weeks depending on shop volume.

Proudly made in the USA by hand, not automation.

Product weight 37lbs

Pricing is $625.00 plus shipping (FedEx)

Why pay more  for a poorly fitting, heavier product?


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